Become a Lawyer

Become a Lawyer

A career in the legal profession, becoming lawyer to be exact, takes a lot of patience, perseverance and determination. Those who plan to become lawyers have to endure the obstacle in order to become one.

The decision to become a lawyer needs thorough discernment and methodical thinking. After all, the profession promises windows of opportunities in various fields of endeavor. A lawyer can serve in either the public sector by being a public prosecutor; catering to the needy Americans who cant afford the services of a good lawyer. In the private sector a lawyer can work as a retainer in big companies, giving advises when it comes to legal matters of the business. Or perhaps as a practicing lawyer in private law firms. But you can never be either of these without having to answer the necessary requirements on how to become a lawyer.

In the United States, different States have different requirements, however all law schools required that would-be lawyers have to finish any pre-law degree. The State of California only requires two-year course degree to enter law school. Other states require a four-year college degree. A higher Grade Point Average in college will help the law school candidates to enter a topnotch law school and become a lawyer par excellance.

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is the next difficulty to pass. This exam is required for anybody who wishes to become a lawyer. LSAT is given to examinees all over the United States. For those who failed the first time, they can still take the exam at three different schedules. This exam will help law schools determine their applicants’ aptitude in comprehension and logical oral reasoning.

While other States required law schools to be accredited by the American Bar Association, some schools especially those that didn’t meet the requirements still earn the recommendation of the State as a law school with good standing. In this vein, choosing which law school to study is a crucial decision to make. US law schools still require their applicants to take another battery of tests before anyone can join the ranks of law students in a particular law school. The US is home to a hundred of cream of the crop law schools in the world. In fact, the country produces lawyers that have excelled in various field of law practice and other applied legal profession.

Once the candidates are admitted to their chosen law schools the next thing to get used is to make and maintain high grades. The rigorous trainings, tedious long exams, challenging case studies and demanding legal clinics are just some of the many facets of those who intend to become a lawyer. After finishing the four years of law, graduates need to pass the State Bar exam to become a full-fledged lawyer.

Intelligence and diligence are two equally important virtues law students must have in order to become the best lawyers that they dreamed for themselves to be.

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