Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Lawyers are perhaps one of the highly respected professionals and probably the most despised too. Depending on which side of the scale of justice you are standing, your lawyer can make or break your reputation at the expense of their credibility. A criminal defense lawyer is not exempt to this seemingly inevitable experience.

A criminal defense lawyer represents a person who is accused of any criminal acts. These acts vary according to the nature and magnitude of its commission. A person facing charges of drug crime may have been suspiciously or red-handedly involved in custody, and trade of illegal drugs among other things. A defendant who is accused of violent crimes that resulted to the injury or even death of another person may have wrongly or purportedly done any of these—aggression among women and children in the homes, hostile behavior against a minority or other ethnic groups, and killing of a person regardless if its hot bloodedly or cold-bloodedly done. Other criminal acts that a criminal defense lawyer would have to counsel in the court of law are sexual abuse and assault, acts of lasciviousness, and heist.

A criminal defense lawyer may have mustered all the tricks in presenting evidence, jostling with reason for reason, and delivering oratorical pieces just to convince the members of the jury and the audience present at the time of the trial. Regardless if the one accused is the culprit or just mistakenly named in the crime, criminal defense lawyer will do in all his or her power to make the client appear innocent of the crime. If the accused is proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt the criminal defense lawyer will find all the measures to lessen the sentence.

A criminal defense lawyer does not only represent the client in court and make him or her acquitted of the crime, the criminal defense lawyer also provides counseling services. The criminal defense lawyer will inform the client of his or her rights and the possible financial, emotional and physical effects of the case. For those who have been convicted already, a criminal defense lawyer can still find possible ways to make the client be freed from any legal obligations up to the extent of making his or her slate clean. The latter is a case to case to case to case base and varies from state to state. Some of the ways the criminal defense lawyer can help the client is to petition to the court for a retrial, review of the decision, and petition for habeas procedures from the higher court.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) is the organization that took the responsibility of pressing forward the goals and objectives of criminal defense lawyers in the United States. It envisions a fair and just trial of anyone who is accused of a crime.

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