Free Lawyer

Free Lawyer

Among all the highly industrialized countries in the world, the United States have always been one of the most generous in providing free legal counsel and aid for the impoverished and destitute people who cannot afford to hire a lawyer of their own. It is of course highly important that each individual should know their rights and privileges, which is more popularly known as the Miranda Rights and Warnings. It is stated that when facing arrest and preceding a custodial interrogation, a person has the right to remain silent and would be provided with a free lawyer if he cannot afford to personally get one at the expense of the government.

So you might wonder, what are exactly some situations and instances that will entitle you to the services of a free lawyer?

If you are charged and accused of a criminal offense and do not have any money for a legal representative, you have the right to be provided a lawyer by the state upon your request. Most often, legal counsel would usually come from the public defender’s office once you will be formally charged in the court for criminal act you have purportedly committed. If have been injured and you want to take legal action against the offender, a lawyer will readily represent you based on a “contingency fee” scheme. Although it is not pro bono or a free lawyer, you have the option to pay for the legal services fee only upon receiving the settlement payment you will obtain from the monetary settlement on the damages you have filed.

There are also some instances that you will qualify for some legal aid, especially if you can be able to establish that you have a meager income that would otherwise hinder you from getting one for yourself. This government-funded free lawyer will represent you on a number of legal situations such as defense for an eviction case, refusal of unemployment benefits and compensation and some credit problems. Another case that would entitle you to a free lawyer would be if you have an ongoing dispute that involves the social justice that has a rather large implication beyond your personal predicament, a pro bono lawyer from public interest organizations could represent you. Among the most popular cases include spousal abuse, housing and employment discrimination, and sexual harassment.

If you believe that you can be eligible for a free lawyer based on the cases cited above, then it would be best to look into some directories for some legal organizations and government services to provide you with a competent lawyer to represent your case in the court.

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