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We believe in standing up for our clients' rights and fighting to obtain the best possible result in each case. We approach each case as if it is the most important one we are handling, as we understand that for each of our clients, it is the most important thing in their world..

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Real Estate Law lawyer

  Best Lawyers for Real Estate Law in Canada


  The Real Estate Law practice involves all aspects of legal work relating to the acquisition, development, ownership, and disposition of real property. When real estate is purchased, Real Estate Law firms will prepare and negotiate agreements for the purchase and sale of the real estate and legal services also will be provided to the purchaser and lenders in any financings required for the purchase. Firms also will provide advice on environmental issues and will assist in due diligence undertaken by a purchaser of real estate.

  Co-ownership or joint venture agreements also may be prepared by firms when real property is acquired. Firms providing Real Estate Law services often assist purchasers or owners of land in the development of the property. This may include negotiation and preparation of Development Agreements, Site Plan Agreements, or Subdivision Agreements with the local municipality; preparing and handling applications for rezoning and Official Plan amendments to allow the proposed development of the property; preparing applications and required documentation to permit condominium or other strata ownership; and negotiation and preparation of Reciprocal Easement and Operating Agreements with adjoining landowners. Owners of commercial properties often request that firms assist in leasing the property or portions of it.

  This includes the negotiation and drafting of Offers to Lease, Commercial Leases, and Ground Leases. Firms providing Real Estate Law services may advise property owners on real estate taxation issues that arise during the course of the property ownership. Firms also may be asked to assist public authorities in the expropriation of real estate or private landowners in expropriation proceedings initiated by public authorities. Real Estate Law services also include litigation that may arise by virtue of the ownership of real estate. Real estate litigation may relate to boundary disputes, issues concerning the use of the property, environmental litigation, and title or ownership issues.

  Real Estate Lawyer In Toronto - GK Law

  GK Law is a personalized Real Estate Lawyer firm that exceeds expectations in meeting all its client’s legal needs for real estate and business law. Whether clients are first time buyers or have purchased properties in the past, there can always be intricacies surrounding each unique transaction.

  GK Law’s legal team facilitates the negotiation and transaction completion process, along with assisting, understanding and calculating tax implications, whether land transfer taxes, property taxes, HST or even income tax. GK Law will complete various title and off title searches, and ensure that their clients have secured the correct property, free and clear of liens and other encumbrances, and ensure that proper insurance for their residential or commercial property has been obtained.

  Real Estate Lawyer Toronto Near You

  The lawyers at GK Law work hard to protect their client’s legal rights for all their real estate and business transactions. At Real Estate Lawyers – GK Law, we have over a decade of experience closing well over 10,000 transactions. We treat each of our clients as we would our family and friends, delivering warm and client focused service in Toronto and GTA.

  Real Estate Lawyer Services vs Non-Legal Service Providers

  While a perception of increased cost might deter people from using a real estate lawyer in Toronto, it is important to understand than non legal service providers aren’t obliged to adhere to the same standards of service as real estate lawyer themselves.

  If for example, a practicing real estate lawyer makes an error or an omission when helping you close a sale, they will be obliged to compensate you accordingly. Conversely, a non-legal agent won’t be. Moreover, errors and conflicts arising after the closure of a sale or property title transfer are more common than many people realize.

Real Estate Law lawyer

The Real Estate Law practice involves all aspects of legal work relating to the acquisition, development, ownership, and disposition...

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