Missouri Divorce Lawyer

Missouri Divorce Lawyer

Choosing your Missouri divorce lawyer could be one of the most important things you do in your divorce. His skills with handling both technical and legal issues could mean the difference between a comfortable financial settlement with your spouse complete with alimony and child support or an all out war in court for every single minuscule object that belongs to the conjugal property.

In addition, another reason why you need to pay more attention to choosing your Missouri divorce lawyer is that your decision in this regard is often final. If you want to change to a different lawyer after you have hired one, you may not be able to. Usually, it requires the permission of the judge before you can change or substitute Missouri divorce lawyers. Furthermore, if your decision to change Missouri divorce lawyers is too close to the trial date, the judge may not allow you to.

Changing Lawyers is Expensive

When you first hire a Missouri divorce lawyer, he will usually ask for a retainer. Sometimes, these retainers are refundable if you suddenly decide to change attorneys. However, you are still obliged to pay the fair amount to the Missouri divorce lawyer for the work he has already done for you. Moreover, some retainers are non refundable.

In the end, it all depends on what fee agreement or contract you may have signed prior to hiring the services of your Missouri divorce lawyer. If the stipulation for the retainer contract provides that the retainer is refundable, then you’re okay. However, if the contract says that it is non refundable, then you might want to consider that.

In any case, make sure that there is a written agreement with your Missouri divorce lawyer and that it contains the items you have agreed upon. Do not rely upon a mere understanding or a verbal agreement.

Qualities to Look for

Choosing a Missouri divorce lawyer is similar to choosing a doctor. When you are going to have a baby and you are looking for a good doctor to handle prenatal care and delivery, you look for the following qualities in your doctor:

* A specialist in obstetrics
* Has experience in obstetrics
* Board-certified in obstetrics
* With whom you feel comfortable with and can trust

Consider the same factors when choosing your Missouri divorce lawyer. Look for one who:

* Is a specialist in divorce law
* Has experience in divorce law
* Has taken continuing legal education courses in divorce law
* Has passed the bar in your state
* With whom you feel comfortable with and can trust

Where to Look

Start by asking friends, family, or any acquaintance who has recently gone through divorce or knows someone who does. Ask them what they liked about their Missouri divorce lawyer and if given the chance, would they hire them again.

You can also call your local courthouse and local bar association. Bar associations usually have their own lawyer referral programs which are a good way for you to get good recommendations.

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