What A Patent Invention Lawyer Can Do

What A Patent Invention Lawyer Can Do

There are two kinds of patents one can apply for at the United States Patent and Trademark Office: a.) Utility patent, and b.) Design patent. With a utility patent, you protect the function of your invention. With a design patent, you protect the way your invention looks. A patent invention lawyer can provide you with services related to patent application.

Getting a patent for your invention would mean that you get to keep the rights for your invention, protect it from others who may want to use it, and make money out of it. You, being the inventor, can sell the patent outright to another party, or you can license it to interested parties while you get a corresponding percentage of money, or you may manufacture your invention yourself.

A patent invention lawyer can help you out with the long and complex process & procedures involved in the application of a patent. While it is not a required that you get a patent invention lawyer or a patent agent to help you in the application process, but the likelihood of having your patent approved is increased when you avail of their services. These professionals are experienced in this kind of work, and have been exposed to the policies and standard requirements of the USPTO.

A patent agent and a patent invention lawyer are both registered with the Patent and Trademark Office. A patent invention lawyer generally can provide additional services with legal matters relating to your patent. They can handle any patent infringement cases, enforce your rights, help you with your licensing, and many more. There are patent agents though who are lawyers themselves, and some lawyers who have other science & engineering degrees behind their belt. Some also have advanced studies – so get the services of one who you feel can do a better job for your particular situation.

With your patent invention lawyer, you will be confident that all the necessary steps and legal implications will be considered. You will be guided accordingly on the appropriate moves and actions to make in your patent application. When it comes to enforcing your rights and in giving you legal advises on issues of patent infringement, you patent invention lawyer is well qualified for the job.

Know what you can do with your invention, be guided on the right steps to take to acquire a patent – with a high degree of success, be advised on what you can do to make the most of your patented invention, and be protected from those infringing on your rights as a patent holder – hire a patent invention lawyer now.

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